ELETO is governed by an Administrative Board consisting of seven full or associate members, elected every three years. ELETO’s central scientific body is the General Scientific Board (GESY) consisting of both the members of the Administrative Board and the representatives of ELETO’s collective members. An Auditing Committee consists of three elected full or associate members.

Administrative Board 2021 – 2024 (Elections of 28 April 2021)

President:Mr.Kostas Valeontis, Physicist, Electronic Eng., Telecommunications Eng.
Vice-President:Ms.Mavina Pantazara, Linguist, Associate Professor, Department of French Language and Literature, University of Athens
Secretary Gen:Mr.George Tsiamas, Mechanical-electrical engineer, Telecom engineer
Hon. Treasurer:Mr.Nikos Carras, Geologist-Micropaleontologist
Dep. Secretary Gen.:Ms.Elpida Loupaki, Associate Professor, Department of French Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
Assistant Treasurer:Ms.Afroditi Giovani, Linguistics Researcher
Councillor:Mr.Panagiotis G. Krimpas, Lawyer, Linguist, Translation Theorist, Associate Professor of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)

General Scientific Board 2021-2024 (GESY)

  Chair of GESY:
Chairman:Mr.Kostas Valeontis
Vice Chairman:Mr.Panagiotis G. Krimpas
Secretary:Ms.Katerina Toraki
  Elected Councillors:
 Mr.Kostas Valeontis
 Mr.Panagiotis G. Krimpas
 Ms.Mavina Pantazara
 Mr.George Tsiamas
Mr.Nikos Carras
Ms.Elpida Loupaki
 Ms.Afroditi Giovani
Councillors representing Collective Members:
Ms.Katerina Toraki, Chem. Engineer, Representative of the committee ELOT/TC21
Mr.Dimitrios Panayotakos, Mathematician, Computer Analyst, Representative of ELOT/TC48/WG1
 Invited Councillors:
Mr.Kostas Riziotis, Physicist, Electronic Eng., Telecommunications Eng., Member of ELOT/TC48/WG1
Ms.Marianna Katsoyannou, Associate Professor in Linguistics, University of Cyprus (UCY)

Auditing Committee 2021 – 2024

Chairman:Mr.Spyros Voulodimos, Mechanical-electrical engineer, Telecom engineer
Members:Ms.Katerina Toraki, Chem. Engineer, Librarian
Mr.Dimitrios Panayotakos, Mathematician, Computer Analyst