The Hellenic Society for Terminology (ELETO), the Technical Committee ELOT/TC21 “Terminology – Language resources” and Hellenic Network of Terminology (EDO) organized a conference on:

“Terminology and terminology resources – Requirements for modern Greek scientific terminology and necessity to activate the experts”

The purpose of the conference is to present the general issues about Terminology as encountered by the above bodies–organizers today and, mainly, to discuss about the problems and the needs for special scientific terminology, as well as about proposals for cooperation and coordination of scientific and professional bodies and for the utilization of terms that have been produced, or are produced, in the framework of Hellenic standardization.

The conference was held on Tuesday, 8 November at the Conference room of Technical Chamber of Greece (Nikis 4, Syntagma Square, Athens) at 8.00-14.30.


Conference documents:

Lectures and material

  • Kostas Valeontis: “Terminology, an interdisciplinary field concerning all domains of knowledge.”
  • Katerina Toraki: “Terminology resources – Terminology standardization – Terminology policy”
  • Chrysoula Doudoulakaki: “The Hellenic Network for Terminology and it’s contribution to covering urgent terminology needs”
  • Kostas Valeontis: “Discussing exercises for explanation and application of the concepts and principles of Terminology”
  • Chrysoula Doudoulakaki: “Instructions for registaring to EDO Wikis and their use”