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 2021Toraki K., Terminologyterminology work and terminology policy (GR)
 2020Valeontis K., Speeches on ELETO’s New Year Cake events (Years 2005 – 2020) (GR)
2015Valeontis K., “Principles and methods of terminology work and trainig programme”. (text) (presentation).

Conference “Founding the Terminology network for the Greek language and translation“, 3 April 2015 –
2015Valeontis K.E. & Krimpas P.G., 16 February 2015 –  Event: “The nature of legal discourse: Legal language, legal terminology, legal translation”, presentation of the book “Legal language, legal terminology: theory and practice”, by K. E. Valeontis, P. G. Krimpas [in Greek]

–  Invitation [GR]
ELETO president’s speech [GR] 
2014Valeontis K.,  “The latinization of Modern Greek[GR], ODEG’s event “Greeklish: the Achilles’ heel of our language?” (20 December 2014)

Video of the president’s speech 
Video of the whole event
2014Valeontis K. (GR),  “ELETO–European Union – Future terminological cooperation(GR), Conference “The future of language professions” (8 November 2014)
2014Valeontis K. “Greek terminology – Present and future(GR), Conference “Terminology network for the Greek language and translation” (11 April 2014)
 2014Valeontis K.E. & Krimpas P.G., Legal Language, Legal Terminology – Theory and Practice (GR)
 2014Valeontis K., The 2nd component «-iasis» and the derivational ending «-ose» in medical terminology (GR)
2013Valeontis K., Exercises in Terminology–Terminography – Questions of written exercises in 2003–2013,
at the Postgraduate Programme “Technoglossia”, with their answers
2012Valeontis K., Concepts and terms as elements of creation and transfer of knowledge (GR), Event of “Parnassos” Philological Society (in Athens, 31 October 2012)
 2011Valeontis K., The protagonists of knowledge (Journal ΙΑΤΡΙΚΗ 2011, 100(3):194–205) (GR)
 2011Koutsoubari N., Sdoukou Ch., Valeontis K., Table of Terminology concepts vs Lexicography concepts (GR) (Annex of the paper: http://www.eleto.gr/download/Conferences/8th%20Conference/Papers/8th_01-30_Koutsoubari_Sdoukou_Valeontis_Paper_V06.pdf)
2010Valeontis K., «Concepts and terms in creation and transfer of knowledge» (GR), Event of Hellenic Physical Society “Pre-Socratic natural philosophers” (“Technopolis”, Athens, 3 November 2010 )
 2009Maslias RodolfoTerminology at the European Parliament and the other EU-Institutions (Lecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 30-11-09) (EN)
2008Valeontis K., Greek terminology as a basic factor for the future of Greek language (GR), Event at ODEG of Kavala, 5 December 2008
 2008Valeontis K., The wonderful line of concept communication (EN) (GR) – Paper in Infoterm Newsletter (EN)
 2008Valeontis K., Toraki K.Terminology as a basic tool for standardization: matters and actions in national level (TEE Conference on 31-3-2008: «European Standardization and Greek reality: Profits, problems and prospects» (GR)
 2006Valeontis K., Mantzari E., The linguistic dimension of terminology: Principles and methods of term formation1st Athens International Conference on Translation and Interpretation. Translation: Between Art and Social Science, 13 -14 October 2006 (EN) (GR)
 2004Valeontis K., Mantzari E., Truths, needs, and actions for closer terminological cooperationELETO’s proposal on 2nd Terminology Summit (EAFT), Barcelona, 2004 (EN)
 2004The Analogue Rule of Naming

Edition 2 
(2004 – 2nd Terminology Summit (EAFT))
– Greek text (full paper)
– English text (full paper)
– English text (handout)
– English text (poster paper)
– English text published in Infoterm Newsletter

– Greek-English Glossary
– English-Greek Glossary

Edition 1 (1997 – 1st Conference «Hellenic Language and Terminology)
– Greek text
 2001Anastasiadi-Symeonidi Anna, Rebaptême, 3rd Conference «Hellenic Language and Terminology», 1-3 November 2001, Athens (GR)
 2000Valeontis K., Zeriti K., Nikolaki A., The Greek complex term and the use of the genitive case as the determining componentTerminology ARD Award 2000 (Honourable Mention(EN) (GR)
2000Valeontis K., EPOS in brief (National Programme for Terminological Coordination) (EN)
 1999Valeontis K., The abandoned spoken Greek languagelectures delivered on 6 April 1998, and 23 February 1999 (GR)
 1999Filopoulos V. A., Terminology versus StandardizationEAFT: Conference on co-operation in the field of terminology in Europe, Paris, 1999 (EN)
 1999Tassios Th. P., For a more reasonable tonic systemConference for the Hellenic Language 1976 – 1996, Athens 1999 (GR)
 1998Filopoulos V. A., Internationalization of terminology and prospects for the Greek languageSpeech in Conference – Monday 1 June 1998 – Zappeion Megaron, Athens (GR)
 1998Valeontis K., Greek verbs equivalent to English normative verbsTechnical Committee ΤΕ-Τ, December 1995 (GR)
 1998Zoiros I., Valeontis K., ETSITERM – A Greek Proposal to ETSI Board (EN)
 1994Filopoulos V. A., Contribution to color terminology in GreekTerminologie & Traduction, vol. 2–1994, European Commission (GR)
 1994Tassios Th. P., Reflection on the Greek technical terminologypaper presented at the conference “Greek Language and Translation in the Enlarged European Union, European Commission, Athens 1994 (GR)
 1994Filopoulos V. A., The terminology need for language developmentpaper presented at the conference “Greek Language and Translation in the Enlarged European Union, European Commission, Athens 1994 (GR)
 1990“Agreement among Five” (“Agreement for mutual recognition of works produced by Greek terminology committees and groups” (GR) (Athens, 3-12-1990)
 1988Valeontis K., Analysis of basic principles of technical terminologyELOT, 1988 (GR)
 2nd Century BCDionysii Thracis, Ars Grammatica, 2003 edition by Hellenic Language Heritage (Ancient Greek original – Modern Greek translation)