Speech by prof. Christoforos Charalambakis:

SECTION 0 – invited paper

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Issues of language / linguistic terminology (text, Presentation) – Thanassis Nakas,Georgia Katsouda [in Greek]
  2. Three types of terminology in chess (textpresentation) – Pius ten HackenMaria Koliopoulou [in English]
  3. Suffix -άσ(η) in Biochemistry (text, presentation) – Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis, Asimakis Fliatouras [in Greek]
  4. Plural form in Greek terms (textpresentation) – Kostas Valeontis [in Greek]

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. Terminology and Interculture in the Teaching Approach of the French Language (textpresentation) – Stamatia Sofiou [in Greek]
  2. Languages for specific purposes and terminological recognition. Exploring strategies and tools to teach and learn terminology through technology mediated learning (textpresentation) – Eleftheria Dogoriti [in Greek]
  3. Problems and proposed solutions in teaching English Terminology at Technological Educational Institutes. The cases of the Departments of Business Administration, and Digital Media and Communication of the Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands (textpresentation) – Alexios Evangeliou [in Greek]
  4. Teaching German technical automotive terminology (textpresentation) – Aimilia Rofouzou [in Greek]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. Female language and terminology: a synchronic and diachronic viewpoint in the educational system (textpresentation) – Vasiliki Meleti [in Greek]
  2. Polytypes New Greek to Modern Greek dictionaries and textbooks of language and literature: Dimensions of (socio-) linguistic diversity (textpresentation) – Sophia Zerdeli [in Greek]
  3. Rendering the English term engineering into Greek (textpresentation GRPresentation EN) – Epameinontas Sidiropoulos [in Greek]
  4. The terminology concerning justice in Plato’s Republic (testpresentation) –Ioanna Tripoula [in Greek]
  5. Football terms in the Greek lexicon and how they are captured in an English–Greek Dictionary of Football Terms (textpresentation) –Agapios Oikonomidis [in Greek]
  6. The concept of “Philotimo”: Semantics, Tradition, and Globalization of the Term for Greek Identity in an Era of Crisis (text in Englishpresentation) – Theodoros Katerinakis [text in English]
  7. Towards a Greek Dictionary of Epidemiology and Public Health Terms (textpresentation) – Ioannis DimoliatisPetros GalanisEleni JelastopuluMaria KantzanouAreti LagiouEvangelia Nena,Evangelia NtzaniGeorge RachiotisEmmanouil SmyrnakisAnna-Bettina ΗaidichChristos Lionis [in Greek]

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. Designing and creation of a glossary on migration, and on US and EU migration policies (text, presentation) –Anna Tzotzadini [in Greek]
  2. Environmental Terminology Issues and the Relevant Contribution of the Greek Language (textpresentation) – Despoina Karadimou,Panagiotis G. Krimpas [in Greek]
  3. Lexicalizing the forum (textpresentation) –Spiros Doikas [text in English]
  4. Printed glossary of human anatomy: Italian and Greek terminology (textpresentation) – Eleni Kassapi,Maria Myronidou [in Greek]

SECTION 5 – Terminology and translation

  1. Translating through seven “paths”: A control mechanism for the translation of academic scientific texts applied in linguistic and telecommunications terms English<->Greek, French<->Greek (textpresentation) – Sofia ChristidouStavros Kamaroudis,Dimitrios Chryssoulidis [in Greek]
  2. Translation strategies of English military neologisms into Greek (textpresentation) –George Damaskinidis [in Greek]
  3. The role of translation in the configuration of Greek chemical nomenclature in the early 19th century (textpresentation) –Michel Politis [in Greek]
  4. Translating the German Functionalism in Translation Studies, Neologisms Terminologisation and Transdisciplinary Borrowing as Terminological Challenge for their Rendering into Greek (textpresentation) – Olaf Immanuel Seel [text in English]
  5. Medical interpreting and terminology production: The case of open-source databases and other resources in Greek (textpresentation) –Effrossyni Fragkou [in Greek]

SECTION 6 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. CLARIN EL: Creating, processing, sharing (textpresentation) – Stelios PiperidisPenny Labropoulou,Maria Gavrilidou [in Greek]
  2. Application of the Grounded Theory and production of terminology resources for the Greek aviation communication by OMEODEK (textpresentation) – Theodoros KaterinakisNikos Papadopoulos,Dimitra Zouroudi [in Greek]
  3. Reflections about a European Culture Union (textpresentation) – Jan Roukens [in English]