Speech by prof. Eleni Politou-Marmarinou:

SECTION 0 – invited paper

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. The morpheme –iasi in the vocabulary of pathology of Modern Greek (TextPresentation) – Evripidis Tsiakmakis [in Greek]
  2. The suffix –itis in geology (TextPresentation) – Anna Kampanarou [in Greek]
  3. The scientific suffix –όζ(η) in biochemistry (TextPresentation) – Irene Apostolopoulou [in Greek]
  4. Metaphor in scientific discourse as applied to the lexicon of anatomy (TextPresentation) –  Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis [in Greek]
  5. Those which are defined in Terminology are not the terms but the concepts (TextPresentation),– Kostas Valeontis (Full paper including Annex) [in Greek]
  6. The semantic loans in Greek terminology (TextPresentation) – Asimakis FliatourasKaterina Kokkini [in Greek]
  7. Terminology, ontology and ontoterminology: overview of the concepts and discussion on the relation among them (TextPresentation) – Katerina Toraki [in Greek]

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. Teaching the Subject of English Military Terminology at the HAΑ (TextPresentation) – Elisabeth Hatziolou [in Greek]
  2. The contribution of metadata to education, the DC model and the use of the Greek language (TextPresentation) – Vasiliki Manoli [in Greek]
  3. Designing and development of a simulation software tool for teaching of hotel tourism terminology (Text) – Anna Tzotzadini [in Greek]
  4. The War of Terminology in the Understanding of French Military Texts (TextPresentation) – Stamatia Sofiou [in Greek]
  5. Un glossaire pour la diplomatie touristique (Text) – Maria Kardouli [in Greek]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. A matrix of metalexicographic analytical criteria for monolingual, bilingual and multilingual specialised lexicographic works with special reference to the macrostructure, the access structure and the microstructure (TextGlossaryPresentation) – Giorgos Androulidakis [in Greek]
  2. Linguistic sources of Greek-based Orthodox Christian ecclesiastical terminology and nomenclature in the Eastern Slavic linguistic area: a critical approach (TextPresentation) – Panagiotis G. KrimpasNatalya Voevutko [in Greek]
  3. The undue dominance of the term Mechanics (TextPresentation) – Epameinondas Sidiropoulos [in Greek]
  4. Moires and Miri lands: Some linguistic coincidences and a discussion about land ownership (TextPresentation) – Ferda Donmez-AtbasiIrene Sotiropoulou [in English]
  5. Culinary Terms in the Greek Lexicon and the way they are treated in an English-Greek Dictionary (Text) – Agapios Okonomidis [in Greek]
  6. Contrastive analysis of the public administration terminology in Greece & in Cyprus (TextPresentation) – Marianne Katsoyannou,  Foteini KalamidaGeorge j. Xydopoulos [in Greek]

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. BanCo: The Greek Bank Contracts Corpus (TextPresentation) – Konstantina VadasiKaterina T. Frantzi [in Greek]
  2. To what extent does the development of open data affect terminology research? (Text) – Aristides VagelatosGeorgios Panagiotopoulos [in Greek]
  3. Terminological resources OROSSIMO: curation, classification and results (TextPresentation) – Kanella PouliMaria-Zafeiro TsiouliPenny Labropoulou [in Greek]
  4. German-Greek and Greek-German dictionaries and their utility: a historical-semantic approach (TextPresentation) – Nikolaos KatsaounisDespoina D. Lamprou [in Greek]
  5. GCDT: Corpus of defendants’ testimonies in the Greek court (TextPresentation) – Anastasia KatranidouKaterina Frantzi [in Greek]
  6. The use of relational databases for the development of terminological knowledge bases (TextPresentation) – Dimitra SarakatsianouNikolaos Myridis [in Greek]

SECTION 5 – Terminology and translation

  1. From pedagogical translation to mediation in the context of language teaching for specific purposes: an (un)usual practice? (TextPresentation) – Eleftheria Dogoriti [in Greek]
  2. Community translation: specialised communication in a new social reality (TextPresentation) – Theodoros Vyzas [in Greek]
  3. Terminology extraction from Wikipedia’s interlanguage links (TextPresentation) – Spiros Doikas [in Greek]
  4. The politics of hope – the words of Barack Obama: Translation of political speeches in Greek: Challenges encountered and strategies adopted (TextPresentation) – Athena Nikodimou [in English]
  5. Electronic terminological resources for the French-Greek language pair: recording, classification, evaluation (TextPresentation) – Argyris ΔιαγουμάςMavina Pantazara (Full paper including Annex) [in Greek]

SECTION 6 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology – The Hellenic Network for Terminology (EDO) [in Greek]

  1. The sounds of silence inform situation awareness concepts: Methodological and terminological aspects in aviation culture and the work of OMEODEK in the Context of Greek and English (TextPresentation) – Theodoros KaterinakisNikos Papadopoulos [text in English, presentation in Greek]
  2. Five electronic dictionaries of Greek (Text) – George Malakos [in Greek]
  3. Hellenic Network for Terminology and running of its Terminology Helpdesk Service (Text, Presentation) – Chryssoula Doudoulakaki [in Greek] – Video of the presentation: on the blod of Bodosakis Foundation