Speech by prof. Dr. Christos Yapijakis, Medical Geneticist–Biologist, Dental Surgeon:

SECTION 0 – invited paper

– International and Greek standardization in Information and Documentation) ( Text, PresentationStella Chatzimari (Invited speaker) [in Greek]

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Academic vocabulary and terminology (textpresentation) –Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis [in Greek]
  2. Abbreviated forms in modern Greek language – Greek initialisms and acronyms formation (Hellenic Standard ΕΛΟΤ 1455:2017) (textpresentation) –Kostas Valeontis [in Greek]
  3. A linguistic (interlingual) survey with Digital Media (Applications): ‘False friends’ German/Greek (textpresentation) – Amalia-Maria Fyka [in Greek]

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. Designing a Greek-speaking training programme on Terminology (textpresentation) – Mavina Pantazara [in Greek]
  2. Computer slang: interpretation and pedagogical utilization (textpresentation) – Dora LeontaridouTimoleon Theofanellis [in Greek]
  3. Modern greek language learning challenges in the US:  Instruction tools via terminological STEPS (text) –Theodoros KaterinakisMaria Chnaraki
  4. Terminology project as an educational tool for professional translation students (textpresentation) – Elpida Loupaki [in Greek]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. Explaining the use of the prefix Cyber- (textpresentation) – Elizabeth HatziolouStamatia Sofiou [in English]
  2. Tyrokomikon: a dictionary about the Cypriot dairy products (textpresentation) – Marianna KatsoyannouChristos KyprianouMargarita Pouli [in Greek]
  3. The concept of the “sovereignty of the Parliament” in the light of the Brexit process (text) – Michel Politis [in Greek]
  4. The contribution of the Greek language to medical terminology and the creation of a glossary on the field of assisted reproduction and in particular IVF (textpresentation) – AnnaTzotzadiniIoannaTassi [in Greek]
  5. Professional feminine nouns: the case of βουλεύτρια (textpresentation) – Nikos Sarantakos
  6. Thesaurus of gastronomy in Macedonia and in Thrace (textpresentation) – Stella MarkantonatouAnna VacalopoulouPanagiotis MinosKaterina TorakiGeorge Pavlides
  7. Distinctive traits of the macrostructure, the access structure
    and the microstructure in the bilingual and multilingual lexicography involving the language pair Modern Greek and Germanin the field of humanities and social sciences (text
    presentation) – Giorgos Androulidakis
  8. Foreign words in Greek bank contracts: a necessity or an option? (textpresentation) – Konstantina A. VadasiKaterina T. Frantzi
  9. Development of a glossary on hotel maintenance (textpresentation) – Anna TzotzadiniGeorgios Petrakis

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. Rev(i|er)sing the LSJ (textpresentation1presentaton2) – Spiros Doikas [in English]
  2. Evaluation of Greek Word Embeddings (textpresentation) – Stamatis OutsiosChristos KaratsalosKonstantinos SkianisMichalis Vazirgiannis [in English]

SECTION 5 – Terminology and translation

  1. Designing and Compiling a Greek-German Glossary for Academic Websites: The Case of D.F.L.T.I. (textpresentation) – Eleni AdamViktoria Valsami,
    Christos YannoutsosDimitris Boumparis
  2. Specialised translation in documentary subtitling: an idiosyncratic communication situation (textpresentation) – Theodoros Vyzas
  3. Medical terminology: Extracting and translating terms on the field of celiac disease (textpresentation) – Dimitra Antoniou
  4. International cuisine terms in menus of Greek restaurants: Translation? No, thanks! (textpresentation) – Eleni Tziafa
  5. Effectiveness, freedom and terminology traps in translation (textpresentation) – Aspasia Koutsokosta

SECTION 6 – Dissemination and use of terms – Terminology policy and regulation 

  1. Anti-discrimination examination of textbooks: problems of terminology (textpresentation) – Voyevutko NatalyaFedorova Yuliya [in English]
  2. Europe needs terms, less theory (textpresentation) –Jan Roukens [in English]

SECTION 7 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology  

  1. Review of terminology activities in European Union (textpresentation) – Evriklia (Klio) Benekou
  2. The Terminology Work in Georgia (text) – Lia Karosanidze [in English]