Volume of proceedings of the 14th Conference


Opening Speech by Sofia Lambropoulou, Professor of mathematics at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences (SAMPS):

– Women’s contribution to mathematics from Hypatia’s time to nowadays [in Greek] – Sofia Lambropoulou

SECTION 0 – Invited Paper 

Speech by Christophe Roche, ERA Chair Professor at University of Crete, Professor emeritus at University Savoie Mont Blanc (France)
– Ontology for terminology: a passport to the digital world (Text, Presentation) – Christophe Roche (Invited speaker)

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Constructed vs artificial: on the terminology of invented languages (TextPresentation) – Marianna Katsoyannou [in Greek]
  2. The scientific suffix –ιο in Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (TextPresentation) – Maria PourliotiAnna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis [in Greek]

SECTION 2 – Didactics and Terminology

  1. Terminology issues in the field of Special Education (TextPresentation) – Sofia P. Tsakalidou [in Greek]
  2. Aspects of design and content of an open access academic textbook on terminology and translation (TextPresentation) – Panagiotis G. KrimpasElpida LoupakiMavina PantazaraEleni Tziafa [in Greek]
  3. Teaching legal translation at undergraduate level in Greece: The case of teaching French and German legal terminology as a translation problem (Text, Presentation) – Apostolos PapastamopoulosChristos Giannoutsos [in Greek]
  4. Presentation of a glossary on the subject of illegal trafficking of cultural goods (TextPresentation) – Stavros KatsiosAthina Fatsea [in Greek]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. “Hybrid” in the 21st Century (TextPresentation) – Elizabeth HatziolouStamatia Sofiou
  2. Discussing diachrony in Greek legal terminology: the example of commercial law terms (TextPresentation) – Theodoros VyzasEleftheria Dogoriti [in Greek]
  3. The evolution of the semantic content of the concept of “Swiss neutrality” over the centuries (TextPresentation) – Michel Politis [in Greek]
  4. Digital educational technology: an English, French and Greek terms study (Text, Presentation) – Rania Voskaki [in Greek]
  5. Review of terms derived from and related to the term Mechanics (TextPresentation) – Epameinondas Sidiropoulos [in Greek]
  6. Dictionary of terms for Language Resources and Language Technology Infrastructures (TextPresentation) – Maria GavriilidouPenny LabropoulouKanella PouliIro Tsiouli [in Greek]

SECTION 4 – Terminology and translation

  1. The religious terms “sin” and “suffering” in the modern Greek translations of F. Dostoyevsky’s short story “The Dream of a Ridiculous Man” (Text, Presentation) – Aikaterini Gavra [in Greek]
  2. Quantitative analysis of the differences between Greek and German legal language: The case of translating the Civil Code into German (TextPresentation) – Christos GiannoutsosDimitris Boumparis [in Greek]
  3. Historical course, conceptual content, and issues in rendering fundamental translation-studies terms from German to Greek (TextPresentation) – Giorgos Androulidakis [in Greek]

SECTION 5 – Terminological resources

  1. Greek–English terminological dictionary of Information Science (TextPresentation) – Katerina TorakiStella ChatzimariYpapanti KyttaKostas ValeontisSarantos Kapidakis [in Greek]
  2. The population of a Maritime Heritage Thesaurus based on a Greek project documentation case (TextPresentation) – Eleni GeorgakiSofia Stamou
  3. Translating Greece’s Procedural Codes (TextPresentation) – Daniel WebberJohn O’Shea
  4. English-Greek glossary of terms and definitions of sensory analysis concepts (TextPresentation) – Malamatenia PanagiotouKonstantinos GkatzionisGeorgios A. Tsiamas [in Greek]

SECTION 6 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. Directorate General for Translation of the European Commission: 7 good practices for managing EU terminology (TextPresentation) – Christina Nikitopoulou [in Greek]
  2. Interinstitutional multilingual terminology database IATE: the best or the worst of the EU terminology world (or both at the same time)? (TextPresentation) – Kleio Benekou [in Greek]
  3. ARGUS: The Aviation Sector Management Information System and the Terminological Challenges for OMEODEK (TextPresentation) – Nikos PapadopoulosTheodoros Katerinakis [in Greek]
  4. Greek translation-oriented terminology: activities and events organized by the Panhellenic Association of Translators (Text, Presentation) – Valentini KalfadopoulouDimitris Moutafis [in Greek]
  5. Professional Associations – Universities: The next step (Text, Presentation) – Valentini KalfadopoulouDimitris Moutafis [in Greek]

SECTION 7 – Terminology and mathematics

  1. Formula definitions of physical quantities – Determination of concept relations according to terminology science (TextPresentation) – Kostas Valeontis [in Greek]
  2. From mathematics to other sciences: the diachronic trip of the mathematical terms through Greek language (TextPresentation) – Asimakis FliatourasAnna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis [in Greek]