SECTION 1 – Linguistic-Ontological Principles of Terminology

  1. Diffusion of terminology in modern greek – Eleni Efthimiou, Marianne Katsoyannou [In Greek]
  2. The non-linguistic elements as factors of forming and establishing specialised terms – Panayotis I. Kelandrias [In Greek]
  3. Rationalizing chemistry – M. Bouroushian, N. Spyrellis [In Greek]
  4. Science and humanities: are there differences in their scientific vocabulary? – Giannoula Giannoulopoulou [In Greek]
  5. Concepts’ interrelations – Meg. Th. Sotiropoulos [In English]
  6. Τhe creation of brand names in advertising from a lexicological perspective – George J. Xydopoulos [In Greek]
  7. The suffix -(ω)μα in medicine terms – A. Anastassiadis-Symeonidis, A. Fliatouras [In Greek]
  8. The Cypriot automobile terminology compared to that of common Greek (ΚΝΕ) – Costas Constantinou [In Greek]
  9. The proper name in special languages; proper names in electrical-electronic terminology; their role in receptive vocabulary development – Melina kyriazi-Papaconstantinou [In Greek]
  10. Semantics and pragmatics and their relation to terminology – The greek sublanguage of informatics, semantic and pragmatic analysis of terms out of bilingual corpora (English – Greek) – Angel. Christopoulou [In Greek]
  11. Compounds and terminology – Αggeliki Fotopoulou [In Greek]
  12. Greek initialisms and acronyms in the light of contemporary communicative needs – Kostas Valeontis [In Greek]
  13. Container: characteristics of the semantic category and lexicographical definitions – Elena Mantzari, Anna Iordanidou [In Greek]
  14. Textual characteristics concerning the use of english technical terms in the economic jargon – Valérie Béchet-Tsarnos [In French]

SECTION 2 – Terminological Resources

  1. A glossary of terms for GIS and geoinformatics – Ch. Chalkias, D. Anagnostopoulos [In Greek]
  2. A contribution in ascription and determination of geographical terms – E. Karymbalis, Ch. Chalkias [In Greek]
  3. The Egnatia motorway: a new route towards road construction and project management terminology – Ageliki Karastergiou, Elena Chourmouziadi [In Greek]
  4. Special terminology in German-Greek and Greek-German dictionaries – Agni Daffa [In Greek]
  5. A necessary project: A dictionnary of universal Greek words – Marius Alexianu, Roxana Curcă [In French]

SECTION 3 – Standardization of Terminology

  1. Construction de la categorie «πρόσφυγας» (réfugié) a travers la litterature et les recits de chypriotes. Etude comparative avec ses equivalents en traduction francaise Maria koumarianou [in French]
  2. Difusion of selected greek-οrigin terms in the ten official languages of the european union – Michael Kallergis [In Greek]

SECTION 4 – New technologies and Terminology

  1. Design and development of a multilingual terminological database for the subject field of applied linguistics – Alkistis Hidiroglou, Papagiotis Arvanitis, Papagiotis Papagiotidis [In Greek]
  2. Development of a multilingual thesaurus based on international standards – Marina Vassiliou, Stella Markantonatou [In Greek]

SECTION 5 – Terminology and Translation

  1. Legal terminology and ethcical dilemmas – Maria Bottis [In Greek]
  2. Translating French universities administrative terminology: Problems and solutions – T. Vyzas, D. Deliyianni [In Greek]
  3. Comparative study of football vocabulary in Greek and French and methods of representation – Anthie Kyriakopoulou [In Greek]
  4. LSP and the creation of new terminology during the translation process – Anastasia Parianou [In Greek]
  5. Communicative objectives of the European Union’s documents and terminology choices – Chryssoula Doudoulakaki [In Greek]
  6. Terminology equivalence and lexical dissymmetry in the language of tourism – Ioanna Valasi [In French]

SECTION 6 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. The national documentation center and knowledge organisation – Dionyssios Giannibas [In Greek]
  2. Subject indexing and terminology establishment in technical libraries: The TEE experience – Katerina Toraki [In Greek]