SECTION 1 – Linguistic-Ontological Principles of Terminology

  1. Anna Anastassiadis-Syméonidis: Les formants de la terminologie grecque petro- et litho- [in Greek]
  2. Dionyssios Giannibas: Types of term organization in LIS (Library and Information Science) [in Greek]
  3. George Xydopoulos: “Double” language in communication [in Greek]
  4. Valeontis, Kostas – Frangopoulos, Stelios: Use of the participle of Modern Greek verbs for naming in special subject fields [in Greek]
  5. Quirion, Jean: L’automatisation de la terminométrie: premiers résultats [in French] [in Greek

SECTION 2 – Standardization of Terminology

  1. Anna Iordanidou – Elena Mantzari: Professional feminine nouns: language use and standardization [in Greek]
  2. Efklides, Anastasia – Kassapi, Eleni – Polatoglou, Hariton: Terminology in Greek Sign Language [in Greek]
  3. Ioannis Chochliouros: Approach and interpretation of fundamental terms for matters relevant to access, use and management of the radio-frequency spectrum [in Greek]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in Specific Subject Fields

  1. Bassole, Jean–Yves: Γαύρος ή σαρδέλα ή αντσούγια; [in French]
  2. Freiderikos Valetopoulos, Marianne Katsoyannou: Driving in Cyprus and the terminilogy of traffic regulations [in Greek]
  3. Michalis Kallergis: Aviation terminology in the European Union: legislative texts in Modern Greek [in Greek]
  4. Irmgard Lerch-Kalavrytinos: Tropes and modes: terminological problems in Modern Greek in historical musicology [in Greek]
  5. Athina Délaki : Recueil et analyse des dictionnaires maritimes bilingues et multilingues comprenant le grec moderne [in Greek]

SECTION 4 – Terminological Resources

  1. A. Vasiliadou-Zahou, F. Dimeli-Konstantinou, B. Stepanian, E. Finoglou-Harsouli: LEXICON: Quadrilingual dictionary of scientific and technical terms [in Greek]
  2. Dionyssios Giannibas: Thesaurus of Greek Terms: a tool for the subject organization of content [in Greek]

SECTION 5 – Diachronic Aspects of Terminology

  1. Bertaccini, Franco – Oss-Pinter, Isabella: L’art de la fauconnerie: réalisation d’une base de données terminologique bilingue italien-espagnol [in French]
  2. Νikos Malagardis: Théorie, Praxis et Technê [in Greek]
  3. Katerina Toraki, Vangelis Kamariotakis: The use of special technical terminology by Greek engineers [in Greek]

SECTION 6 – New Technologies and Terminology

  1. Marina Vassiliou, Olga Yannoutsou, Nikos Ioannou, Stella Markantonatou: Terminology management f ο r the development of business ontologies [in Greek]
  2. Kyriaki Ioannidou, Anthie Kyriakopoulou, Olympia Tsaknaki, Rania Voskaki: Creation of an electronic dictionary of sports terminology [in Greek]
  3. Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis, Tita Kyriacopoulou, Georgia Nikolaou, Anna Panayotou-Trantaphyllopoulou, Vasiliki Foufi: Terminology and automatic spelling correction [in Greek]
  4. Elena Hourmouziadi: Odo-lexis: the journey of Ε gnatia Ο dos in the world of highway project construction and management terminology [in Greek]
  5. Panagiota Kalamvoka: Inter Active Terminology for Europe – IATE. The inter-institutional term base of the EU [in Greek]
  6. Schmitz, Klaus-Dirk: Developments in computational terminology management and its influence on terminology science and terminology work [in English]

SECTION 7 – Terminology and Translation

  1. Anastasia Parianou, Panayotis I. Kelandrias: Modern specialised languages – the influence of English on Greek [in Greek]

SECTION 8 – Terminology Didactics

  1. Melina Kyriazi-Papaconstantinou: Cognate words of the Greek and English electrical – electronics terminology [in Greek]
  2. Maria Papageorgiou: Difficultés à la prononciation des formules mathématiques et correspondance de termes mathématiques grecs–français [in Greek]
  3. Korkas, Vassilis – Pavlides, Pantelis, Rogers, Margaret: Teaching terminology in postgraduate translation programs: an integrated approach [in English]