Speech by prof. Theodossios Tassios dedicated to Vasilis Filopoulos (Included in the proceedings volume)

SECTION 0 – Terminology policy (invited paper – Not included in the proceedings volume)

  1. Terminology Planning and Policies in Minority/Minoritized Languages (Loanwords in lesser used languages) – Fidelma Ni Ghallchobhair (photo)President of the European Association for Terminology (EAFT) Rute Costa (photo), former President of EAFT

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Le morphème –eid(is) en grec moderne [ in Greek ] – Anna Anastassiadis-Syméonidis (photo)
  2. Modern Greek compound verbs coming from Ancient Greek simple verbs by two modes of composition – Their significance and use in modern naming [ in Greek – Kostas Valeontis (photo)
  3. Noms composés et terminologie [ in Greek ] – Vassiliki Foufi (photo)
  4. Term creation and lexicalization in Modern Greek: experiencing the global warming phenomenon [ in Greek ] – Marianne Katsoyannou (photo)
  5. Subject field systems in organizing terminological information [ in Greek ] – Dionysios Giannibas (photo)
  6. Mixed signals: thoughts and second thoughts about terminology – Kurt Opitz (photo)

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. Une grille de lecture systemique [ in Greek ] – Maria Kardouli (photo)
  2. Cross subject interpretation of terms as an approach to teaching subject units [ in Greek ] – Artemis Zafeiriou (photo)Dikran MatossianMiltiadis SymeonidisTimoleon Theofanellis

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. The terminology about the public administration of ancient Crete [ in Greek ] – Angel Martinez (photo)
  2. Ancient Greek-Georgian Dictionary of Colour Terms [ in Greek ] – Irine Darchia (photo)
  3. Formation and evolution of Pedagogical Terminology from English to Greek [ in Greek ] – Thanos Mentzelopoulos (photo)
  4. Recherche terminologique sur domaine de la Nanomédecine [ in Greek Pelagia Komni (photo)
  5. The verb in the classification and translation of anatomy texts [ in Greek ] – Eleni Kassapi (photo)
  6. About recognition of Greek multi-word complex terms in the biomedical domain [ in Greek – Anna IordanidouMavina Pantazara (photo)Elena Mantzari (photo)George OphanosAristides Vagelatos, Vassilis Papapanagiotou
  7. Hellenization of terms of geoinformatics in the context of proliferating free open code software [ in Greek – Nikolaos KaranikolasKimon Papadimitriou
  8. Technical terminology in chemical engineering: translation into Greek [ in Greek ] – Stelios Vougioukalos (photo)
  9. Some Specific Characteristics of the Modern Greek Terminology in the Sphere of Ecology [ in Greek ] – Stoyna Poromanska (photo)
  10. Une base de données aux services de la création terminologique – Daphne Deliyianni
  11. Language uses and habits by engineers: the standardized and the common Greek language at work [ in Greek ] – Katerina Toraki (photo)
  12. Launching an informal Thematic Committee for Terminology [ in Greek – Marina Pantazidou (photo)Nymphodora Papassiopi – Full paper (with Annexes)
  13. Italian – Hellenic Chamber ο f Commerce οf Thessaloniki: An Italian-Greek-English Socioterminological Study – Benedetta Bertozzi (photo)Franco Bertaccini (photo)

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. The corpora: a tool for the examples of specialized words [ in Greek ] – Vassiliki Palasaki (photo)
  2. Compilation and analysis of parallel corpora in the extraction of terminology, retrieved for ‘translation teaching’ purposes – Maria Matsira (photo)
  3. Construction of an electronic dictionary of financial and stock market terms – General comments [ in Greek ] – Eleni Tziafa (photo)

SECTION 5 – Standardization of terminology

  1. Project risk management terminology [ in Greek ] – Konstantinos Kirytopoulos (photo)
  2. The European translation standard EN 15038 and its terminology – A mirror of missing professionality? – Jürgen F. Schopp (photo)

SECTION 6 – Terminology and translation

  1. Terminology and Translation Theory: a functional-pragmatic Approach – Sigmund Kvam (photo)
  2. Translating western terminology into Japanese: From Kanji terms to Katakana terms – Keisuke Kasuya (photo)Maria Kovani (photo)
  3. The role of the translation brief in the formation of Greek LSP terms [ in Greek ] – Panayotis I. Kelandrias (photo)
  4. The need for a functional approach in LSP translation [ in Greek ] – Anastasia Parianou (photo)
  5. Translation seen as a stop on the journey of European Community railway sector legislative texts [ in Greek – M. Kallergis (photo)E. Boviatsi

SECTION 7 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. Towards a linguistic world order – Jan Roukens (photo)
  2. Principes directeurs sur l’élaboration des politiques en matière de terminologie – Christine Diplari (photo)
  3. E.U. terminology in the State General Accounting Office of Greece: communicative objectives and terminological choices [ in Greek ] – Aggeliki Karastergiou (photo)