Speech by prof. Vasilis Kalfas dedicated to Aristotle – (Included in the proceedings volume)

SECTION 0 – (invited paper – Included in the proceedings volume)

  1. Individual and collective intelligence in language resources development : Normative and social approaches [in Greek] – Stelios Piperidis

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Greek terminological dilects equivalent to type “Noun – Noun” English dilects: conceptual analysis, terminological analysis and conditions for monolectization [in Greek]Full paper – Kostas Valeontis
  2. La structure architecturale du texte scientifique et technique [in Greek] – Maria Kardouli
  3. The derivational ending -ίτις /-ίτιδα in medical terminology [in Greek] – Tatiana Valeonti

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. On the locutions that are been used to introduce the notions of force and pressure in web resources: how are they related with the formation of students’ misconceptions? [in Greek] – Theodoros PierratosHariton PolatoglouPanagiotis Koumaras
  2. Preparing a seminar on Terminology for engineering PhD candidates – Marina PantazidouKostas Valeontis
  3. New Approaches in Teaching Medical Terminology [in Greek] – Christina G. VarlamiHelen Christopoulou-Aletra

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. Terminology concerning the Administration of Justice in Ancient Crete [in Greek] – Ángel Martínez – Fernández
  2. Greek military terminology – Analytical presentation and comparation with the german equivalent [in Greek] – Aimilia Rofouzou
  3. Terminologie de la Physique corpusculaire [in Greek] – Anna Anastassiades-Syméonides
  4. From the corporate to the material: How the translation of liturgical terms shifted the emphasis in Christian worship [in Greek] – M. T odd Harper
  5. Interdisciplinary terminology in the field of natural risk management – The example of seismic risk [in Greek] – Vasiliki Masoura
  6. Sports terminology in dictionaries of Modern Greek [in Greek] – Marianna KatsoyannouVasileios Argyropoulos
  7. The generative role of Greek language in the Ukrainian medical terminology [in Greek] – Natalia Basenko-Kormali
  8. La gestion des ressources lexicales grecques anciennes dans le vocabulaire du français médical : problèmes d’opacité sémantique [in Greek] – Triantafyllia Sarafidou
  9. From a thesaurus to the corresponding ontology: an attempt to approach the terminological problems in a specific subject field [in Greek] – Katerina Toraki
  10. La morphologie des termes de couleur du Grec Moderne [in Greek] – Katerina Alexandri
  11. Terminologie de la politique européenne d’enseignement et de formation – Une sélection de 100 termes clés – Philippe TissotEleni Koulali
  12. Formal and informal use of participle in selected translated texts from the EU institutions [in Greek] – Michael KallergisMarisetta Georgoulea
  13. Terminology and television journalistic language – The “attitude of high virtual sympathy” [in Greek] – Nikoletta Tsitsanoudi-Mallidis

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. From past to present: The electronic thesaurus of place names of Asia Minor [in Greek– Dimitra TsagogeorgaPenny LabropoulouHarris Papageorgiou
  2. A Bilingual e-Dictionary of Military Engineering Terms [in Greek] – Vasileios C. SofitisKaterina T. Frantzi
  3. Construction of an electronic corpus of financial texts and concordances [in Greek] – Tziafa Eleni
  4. Development of a multi-lingual thesaurus from heterogeneous sources [in Greek] – Maria Gavriilidou
  5. Fylopedia [in Greek] – Alexandra KoutraEvangelia TriantafylliSofia Trypanagnostopoulou
  6. La réalisation d’une banque de données terminologique nationale – comment and pourquoi ? – Henrik Nilsson

SECTION 5 – Standardization of terminology

  1. How Greek Loan Words became terms (contribution in the study of Ecclesiastical Terminology) [in Greek] – Eka Tchkoidze
  2. Legal Terminology of European Union Law in Greek, Lithuanian and Latvian: The Analogue Rule, Terminological Equivalence and the Related Translation Issues [in Greek– Panagiotis G. Krimpas

SECTION 6 – Terminology and translation

  1. A study of phraseological terms: inventory and rendering from Spanish into Greek [in Greek] – Evlampia C. Chelmi
  2. Are Grammatical Terminologies Translatable?; A Debate about “Subject” in Japanese Linguistics – Keisuke KasuyaMaria Kovani
  3. The terminological vagueness of the economic texts as a translation problem [in Greek] – Panayotis I. Kelandrias
  4. Risk Communication and Translation: Knowledge Transfer in LSP Texts [in Greek– Anastasia Parianou
  5. Terminology and Translation – Translation practices in relation to the English language as terminological lingua franca in the field of Economics [in Greek– Thanos Mentzelopoulos
  6. Néologie sémantique en terminologie d’histoire: cause de polysémie? [in Greek] – Theodoros Vyzas

SECTION 7 – Dissemination and use of terms – Terminology policy and regulation

  1. Translation studies as an autonomous discipline and the subject fields in the Official Gazette issues by which Members of the academic and research staff are appointed [in Greek– Eleni Kassapi
  2. Terminology in times of economic and political globalisation – Jan Roukens
  3. Terminology Planning Issues: theory and practice [in Greek] – Dionysios Giannibas

SECTION 8 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. KORAIS: A printed & electronic Greek-English dictionary [in Greek] – George KokkinakisHelen CoutsogeorgopoulosDimitrios P. LyrasKyriakos Sgarbas
  2. Labtestsonline.gr: a new site for the general public with information about diagnostic laboratory tests and their terminology in Greek [in Greek] – Alexander HaliassosKaterina PsarraChryssanthos Mitropoulos