Speech by prof. Georgios Papanastasiou dedicated to Manolis Triandaphyllidis – Included in the proceedings volume

SECTION 0 – (invited paper – Included in the proceedings volume)

  1. Lexicography and Terminology: Conclusions from the comparison of two Modern Greek Dictionaries – Christoforos Charalambakis [in Greek]

SECTION 1 – Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. Terminology and Lexicography: Two subject fields with complementary objectives, but with conceptual and methodological differences – Convergence points and proposals for further harmonization Nomiki Koutsoubari, Christina Sdoukou, Kostas Valeontis in Greek ], Full paper
  2. Brief analysis of the formation terms with Greek elements or of Greek origin in the Russian and Ukrainian language Oksana Snigovska, Αndreas Malakhitis in Greek ]
  3. Greek loanwords in the English language   Kyriaki Aloizou
  4. Theoretical aspects of terms study Ruslana Alipa in Greek ]
  5. Enlish dilects of type Noun – Noun in the International Standard ISO/IEC 2382-1:1993 on information technology fundamental terminology and their Greek equivalents in the Hellenic Standard ELOT 996-1 Evangelos Topalis, Kostas Valeontis in Greek ], Full paper
  6. One concept – One term – How many words ? N-lecticity of terms Kostas Valeontis in Greek ]
  7. La mentalité technologique Maria Kardouli in Greek ]

SECTION 2 – Didactics and terminology

  1. The language of mathematics textbooks in the two last grades of primary school Konstantinos Keramaris, Eugenia Barmpagianni in Greek ] (The text has been withdrawn)
  2. Planification d’un modèle lexicographique comprenant des mots à charge culturelle partagée pour les apprenants du FLE Athéna Delaki
  3. Problems of understanding terminology and theory in secondary education Kalliopi Polymerou in Greek ]

SECTION 3 – Terminology in specific subject fields – Lexicographical and terminographical studies

  1. Le nom propre dans les mass media. Un exemple: les pressonymes Alkistis Hidiroglou-Zahariades in Greek ]
  2. Economic activity in Greece without official currency: The terms and their economies Irene Sotiropoulou text in English ]
  3. In order gymnastics Christos Theodosiou in Greek ]
  4. Scientific approach of lexicography and lexical terminology in monolingual Greek and foreign language dictionaries and handbooks of linguistic terms: The contribution of ancient Greek and Latin to the formation of the European linguistic terminology Sophia Zerdeli in Greek ]
  5. Terminology concerning the Economy in Ancient Crete Ángel Martínez-Fernández in Greek ]
  6. The Modern Greek Economic Terminology Stoyna Poromanska in Greek ]
  7. Interactions between everyday language and scientific terminology: an example from the field of Cosmology Aristeidis Kosionidis in Greek ]

SECTION 4 – Terminological resources

  1. MultiTerm: The database of the future Vasiliki Kanistra in Greek ]
  2. Hidden glossaries Dionysios Giannibas, Petros Poungouras, Eftychia Karagouni in Greek ]
  3. The META-SHARE Schema for the Description of Language Resources Maria Gavrilidou, Penny Labropoulou, Stelios Piperidis
  4. Problems and deficiencies in the Greek-Spanish and Spanish-Greek dictionaries Mariano Villegas Hernández in Greek ]
  5. Online Greek-English Dictionary of Library and Information Science Joanna Andreou in Greek ]
  6. EcoLexicon: context as a modelling factor in specialised terminological knowledge bases Alejandro García-Aragón in Greek ]

SECTION 5 – Standardization of terminology

  1. Project management terminology Konstantinos Kirytopoulos in Greek ]
  2. The term “idiom” in the Greek and Spanish languages Evlampia C. Chelmi in Greek ]

SECTION 6 – Dissemination and use of terms – Terminology policy and regulation

  1. It is about time for a comprehensive terminology policy and implementation in Europe Jan Roukens in English ]
  2. The Greek language question and scientific terminology: an exploration of routes and meetings Katerina Toraki in Greek ]
  3. High orality inclusion into the ‘virtual sympathy’ term Nikoletta Tsitsanoudis-Mallidis in Greek ]
  4. Greek words as a means of internationalization of notions Eka Tchkoidze in Greek ]

SECTION 8 – Activities of organizations and bodies for terminology

  1. The qualifications of the Certified Terminology Manager according to the ECQA (European Certification & Qualification Association) Thanos Mentzelopoulos in Greek ]
  2. Standardization matters in terminology – Role and actions of the Committee TE21 of the Hellenic Organization for Standardization Marianne KatsoyannouKaterina Toraki in Greek ]
  3. The CLARIN Research Infrastructure Stelios PiperidisPenny Labropoulou, Maria Gavrilidou in Greek ]
  4. Terminology in European Parliament – A modern approach Rodolfo Maslias in Greek ] in English ]