Speech by Martha Vasileiadi– Not included in the proceedings volume

SECTION 0 – (invited paper – Included in the proceedings volume)

  1. “Diglossia” or the peregrination of a term in the field of sociolinguistics – Marilena Karyolemou [in Greek] (Presentation file)

1st Session: Linguistic-ontological principles of Terminology

  1. The counterfeiting of terms: Thucydides Historiae 3.82.4 – Manousakis Nikolaos [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. -ωμα ‘-oma’: a problematic ending in Modern Greek – Anna Anastasiadi-Symeonidi [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  3. Why do you spurn a term? – Kostas Valeontis[inGreek] (Presentation file)
  4. φωτογενής / φωτογόνος – photogénique / photogène – Les aventures scientifiques de deux termes théologiques – Jean-Yves Bassole [text in French] (Presentation file)
  5. Study on Computer science terminology, specifically on the widespread office suites and the conclusions regarding their usage and creation – Kyriaki DanaktsiAlexios EvangeliouOlga MourogianniAnna Tzotzadini [inGreek] (Presentation file)
  6. German pedagogical terms of ancient Greek origin – Vassiliki Palasaki [inGreek] (Presentation file)

2nd Session: Didactics and Terminology

  1. Teaching English Language and Terminology – Calliope TsantaliSymeon Nikolidakis [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. Re-writing the teaching of English terminology through the use of new technologies – Symeon NikolidakisCalliope Tsantali [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  3. The language of terminology or the terminology of language: an aspect of the study and teaching of language communication – Maria Dimasi, Paraskevi Sachinidou [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  4. The place of Terminology in the Course of General Translation – Elpida Loupaki [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  5. Information technology neoterms and their management by the web reference media – Timoleon TheofanellisAgapios Oikonomidis [in Greek] (Presentation file)

3rd Session: Terminology in specific subject fields – Terminological resources

  1. Linguistic approach to Greek and German military terminology Aimilia Rofouzou [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. The cadets’ idiolect: Recording – Decoding – Utilization  Stamatia Sofiou [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  3. Poetry and Lexicography: The 561 lemmas of Cavafy’s Dictionary – Chryssoula Karantzi [in Greek]
  4. Terminology and definition of Cavafy’s interiority – Tripoula Ioanna [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  5. Using a parallel corpus as a dictionary resource: studying idioms in an EN-GR parallel corpus – Sofia TrypanagnostopoulouJanet DeCesaris [text in English] (Presentation file)
  6. The metalinguistic prospect of literary practice and the contribution of basic terminological resources of the literature theory to the reading of literary texts: Τhe case of the poem “Thermopylae” by C.P. Cavafy – Sophia Zerdeli     [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  7. Terminological comparisons: the example of seismic risk in public administration, science and general language – Vasiliki MasouraKalliopi SapountzakiMarianna Katsoyannou [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  8. The Terminologist’s Contribution to the Greek-Speaking Lawyer’s Work – Panagiotis G. Krimpas  [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  9. Autonomous and collective terminology management in a specialized translation course through the use of comparable and parallel texts tagging in a social bookmarking tool – Theodoros VyzasEleftheria Dogoriti [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  10. Terms of the Cretan dialect for non-monetary transactions – Irene Sotiropoulou [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  11. Aviation terminology: literal sense, safety and semantic-oriented translatology in Greek aviation communication – Theodoros KaterinakisNikos Papadopoulos, Dimitra Zouroudi [in Greek] (Presentation file)

4th Session: Terminology in specific subject fields – Terminological resources

  1. Wikifying the LSJ – Spiros Doikas [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. Database construction of Greek acronyms, used in Greek law texts – Tsimpouris CharalamposKyriakos Sgarbas [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  3. Electronic excerption of lemmas in Modern Greek – John N. KazazisRania Voskaki [text in English] (Presentation file)

5th Session: Standardization of terminology

  1. Reference identification, in Greek law texts with use of regular expressions – Tsimpouris CharalamposKyriakos Sgarbas [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. Technical documents, international practice and the Memorandum of Understanding – Maria Kardouli, Theodora Akovitsioti [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  3. Terminology standardization in the field of information: necessity or extravagance? – Stella Chatzimari, Katerina Toraki [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  4. The standardisation and dissemination of Amazigh terminology in Morocco – Khalid ANSAR [in English] (Presentation file)

6th Session: Terminology and Translation

  1. Safety Data Sheets : is specialized translation a pure matter of terminology ? – Daphne Deliyianni [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  2. Rendering collocations in German-Greek simultaneous interpreting – Konstantina Liontou [text in English] (Presentation file)
  3. The terminological ‘convergence’ as a tool for LSP translation – Panayotis I. Kelandrias [in Greek]
  4. The Greek Crisis Term Project (GCTP): Issues of heterogeneity, subject field diversity and equivalence for the Greek-German and the Greek-French language pairs  Olaf Immanuel SeelMavina Pantazara [in Greek] (Presentation file)
  5. Translating Cricket – Panagiota KaragiannidiDimitra-Maria Botonaki [in Greek] (Presentation file)